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You’ve spent countless hours planning, and it's all over so quickly!

Why not invest a modest amount in preserving those memories forever with wedding videographer Al Edwards? He has been in the business of professional wedding videography for over two decades. He will capture and preserve the special moments from your wedding - preserving the motion, the emotion, the sights, sounds and words that made your wedding day so special. 


With an Al Edwards wedding video you will:

See your father give your hand to your groom.

Hear your vows... the songs… the prayers.

Relive the moment that you are pronounced "husband and wife."

Hear well wishes from family and friends.

See and hear the toasts and speeches at your reception.

Relive the special dances (bridal dance, parent dances, wedding party dance).

Catch in living color the wild and crazy moments that occurred at the dance.

We just watched the video last night. WE LOVE IT! Oh my gosh, you got some funny moments from the dance on camera!

Brandon and Jackie Sipe

Newlywed Couple

What to Expect

prepping for the big day

Here's a brief run-down:

Al Edwards arrives 45 minutes before your wedding to shoot pre-wedding activities and then the entire ceremony. With permission from the officiant, you’ll get your processional recorded from the front. He will get shots of all the fun happenings at your reception and the special dances. When he is also your DJ, he shoots everything special and crazy that transpires through the end of your wedding dance!


When the cake is all eaten, the flowers have wilted, and the tuxes are returned, you receive:

A high quality movie of your wedding day - shot by an experienced professional using excellent, high quality equipment.

Your DVD with a special ten minute music video summary of your wedding at the beginning.

Your DVD with ‘Chapters’ to click to the various events of your wedding.

Your DVD in a beautiful wedding case.

PLUS a digital version of your wedding on a USB jump drive that you can play on computers and on newer TV’s. You can make your own copies by saving the file to your computer hard drive! The digital version also has greater resolution.

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